August 2021 gave us valuable chances to celebrate birthdays of two residents

August can be summarised into one word: colourful & cheerful.

At the beginning of the month, we had the chance to celebrate a 100th birthday party and another 89th birthday for two residents.

Luckily one birthday was on a sunny day so we invited not only relatives but also residents. Our activities team collaborated Thursday regular flower arranging with residents in the garden, which delighted the space into a cheerful day in the backyard garden. The family also joined to decorate the room and garden to make it into a cozy home garden. All residents were loved and cared for by lots of nurses and key workers.

The month passed by quickly with enjoyable and colourful memories as we received bunches of flowers sponsored by Sainsbury’s supermarket. To make a change from previous weeks, our activities team allocated flowers to rooms so that residents could arrange their own.

As residents love flower arranging over a nice cuppa tea and chatter, we continue this as a weekly activity.

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