1. Summer beach themed event

The peak of summer cannot be complete without a summer beach theme event, even if it means brining the beach to us… It took us a week to prepare all décors and crafts, including our very own sandpit in the courtyard. Oakwood House was decorated with brightly coloured bunting, plastic crabs and shells, and residents enjoyed blowing bubbles and tucking into traditional fish & chips whilst listening to relaxing, seaside music.  Residents and staff dressed up in tropical shirts, sun hats and garlands.

In the afternoon, we watched the Punch and Judy Show, played ‘hook the duck’ and had a sandcastle building competition, which was won by two residents who both received prizes and a medal. Congratulations both!

2. The Euros 2021 Semi-final

Residents and staff looked forward to watching England in the Euros semi-final this year. The atmosphere around the home was fantastic – with residents and staff showing their support by dressing up and singing along with the well known anthem “Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home).” The kitchen team prepared party drinks and home-made cakes for everyone to enjoy whilst they watched the match. Both staff and residents joined in to cheer on England as they made it into the finals!

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