October festival

Only at Oktoberfest, our residents had a chance to enjoy a range of wine, beer, as well as a variety of cheese, biscuits. Normally, due to medication requirements, alcohol is not allowed within the house, our residents, therefore, felt fascinated to taste their previous habits. October beer festival, let’s say, is the only time to get tipsy “legally”, “acceptably” at Oakwood House, though just a little amount.


Our residents had a spooktacular weekend as they jumped into the Halloween spirit with typical outfits and jack-o’-lanterns. In the afternoon, they decorated tasty cupcakes.

Monthly staff nomination

Here at Oakwood House, every month staff and residents gather in the lounge where Helen, under residents’ observation, our manager read out the nominations received for motivator of the month. Congratulations to our carers, Amanda and Mellissa, as well as our chef, Nathan who were handed out prizes for having the most nominations this month. To specify, while Nathan and Amanda joined the team a long time ago and have been always loved for their dedication, hard work, and friendliness, Mellissa is the newcomer. She has proved herself to be a rising star in the team.
Well done to all our staff who are dedicated to our home and continue to work hard.

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