Activity summary in October 2021

October festival

Only at Oktoberfest, our residents had a chance to enjoy a range of wine, beer, as well as a variety of cheese, biscuits. Normally, due to medication requirements, alcohol is not allowed within the house, our residents, therefore, felt fascinated to taste their previous habits. October beer festival, let’s say, is the only time to get tipsy “legally”, “acceptably” at Oakwood House, though just a little amount.


Our residents had a spooktacular weekend as they jumped into the Halloween spirit with typical outfits and jack-o’-lanterns. In the afternoon, they decorated tasty cupcakes.

Monthly staff nomination

Here at Oakwood House, every month staff and residents gather in the lounge where Helen, under residents' observation, our manager read out the nominations received for motivator of the month. Congratulations to our carers, Amanda and Mellissa, as well as our chef, Nathan who were handed out prizes for having the most nominations this month. To specify, while Nathan and Amanda joined the team a long time ago and have been always loved for their dedication, hard work, and friendliness, Mellissa is the newcomer. She has proved herself to be a rising star in the team.
Well done to all our staff who are dedicated to our home and continue to work hard.

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Oakwood House activity team

Activity summary in September 2021

In September, our residents had a busy month with lots of activities from the beginning of month.

The mini pony visit our home

This week, we welcomed back, by popular demand, Jack Brock the miniature Shetland pony!!!

Jack visited us back in March where he brought everyone so much enjoyment, that we jumped at the opportunity to have him back for a second time.

Pirated theme day

Ahoy there! We had an eventful day hunting treasures around the garden and under the scorching weather in September as we enjoyed a Pirate Themed Day.

Dressed in their pirate hats, stripey shirts and eye-patches, our experienced pirates, (our residents) navigated and guided the "younger" sailors, (our staff), to sneak behind bushes and around corners to find hidden chocolate coins.

For lunch, residents tucked into traditional pirate food, including shark baits with octo fries as they cooled down with iced-water and juice!

 Finally, Jacqueline - our lovely housekeeper deserved to be the best dressed as she mixed a purple mini-flower printed headband with an ivory lace top and strapped jumpsuit. The best dressed had a lucky opportunity to take a picture with Our Captain Mick!

 Vibrant singing time comes

Later in September, we had a weekly singer coming to the home who really rocked our home atmosphere. Just seeing how Dennis and Eileen reacted to the show, you can partly feel what we feel here. With all the good songs around the 1950s playing, the singers reminded residents of their teenage years and reminiscing about their dreams and adventure

Do you want to follow our weekly updates on social media?

The monthly activities are only the brief of daily cheerful activities in the home. If you are interested in our weekly updates, please check our Facebook Fanpage. In addition, you can also invite relatives and friends to LIKE/FOLLOW our Fanpage or email reception team for some more photos. Here at Oakwood House, we always try to create and save the best moments of residents as we can.

Oakwood House Activity Team

Activity summary in August 2021

August 2021 gave us valuable chances to celebrate birthdays of two residents

August can be summarised into one word: colourful & cheerful.

At the beginning of the month, we had the chance to celebrate a 100th birthday party and another 89th birthday for two residents.

Luckily one birthday was on a sunny day so we invited not only relatives but also residents. Our activities team collaborated Thursday regular flower arranging with residents in the garden, which delighted the space into a cheerful day in the backyard garden. The family also joined to decorate the room and garden to make it into a cozy home garden. All residents were loved and cared for by lots of nurses and key workers.

The month passed by quickly with enjoyable and colourful memories as we received bunches of flowers sponsored by Sainsbury’s supermarket. To make a change from previous weeks, our activities team allocated flowers to rooms so that residents could arrange their own.

As residents love flower arranging over a nice cuppa tea and chatter, we continue this as a weekly activity.

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The monthly activities are only the brief of daily cheerful activities in the home. If you are interested in our weekly updates, please check our Facebook Fanpage. In addition, you can also invite relatives and friends to LIKE/FOLLOW our Fanpage or email reception team for some more photos. Here at Oakwood House, we always try to create and save the best moments of residents as we can.

Oakwood House Activity Team

Activity summary in July 2021

In July, things started to resemble 'normal' at Oakwood House, as we brought back some of our favourite summer activities (whilst keeping within Government guidelines of course). Our activities team and residents couldn't wait bring on the holiday vibes!

1. Summer beach themed event

The peak of summer cannot be complete without a summer beach theme event, even if it means brining the beach to us... It took us a week to prepare all décors and crafts, including our very own sandpit in the courtyard. Oakwood House was decorated with brightly coloured bunting, plastic crabs and shells, and residents enjoyed blowing bubbles and tucking into traditional fish & chips whilst listening to relaxing, seaside music.  Residents and staff dressed up in tropical shirts, sun hats and garlands.

In the afternoon, we watched the Punch and Judy Show, played 'hook the duck' and had a sandcastle building competition, which was won by two residents who both received prizes and a medal. Congratulations both!

2. The Euros 2021 Semi-final

Residents and staff looked forward to watching England in the Euros semi-final this year. The atmosphere around the home was fantastic - with residents and staff showing their support by dressing up and singing along with the well known anthem "Three Lions (Football's Coming Home)." The kitchen team prepared party drinks and home-made cakes for everyone to enjoy whilst they watched the match. Both staff and residents joined in to cheer on England as they made it into the finals!

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Oakwood House Activity Team

June 2021


Wildlife Theme Day - Wednesday 9th June, 2021

We decided to have a wildlife theme day as residents got creative by colouring in birds and butterfly cut outs which we put on our beautiful display tree.

One of our residents who enjoys arts and crafts, painted a fantastic drawing of the river and trees.


Fun in the Sun - Tuesday 1st June, 2021

Our residents were led into the weekend with one of their favorite vocalists, Andrea Burdett, who performed in the garden.

With the sun shining in the background, Andrea got residents and staff interacting by singing and dancing along to hits by the likes of Matt Monroe, The King of Rock & Roll, (Elvis), and a request from one of our residents for the Daisy Bell song.

Coming out of the pandemic – how have care homes adapted to the ‘new normal’?

The care home sector was presented with an unprecedented challenge when COVID-19 hit in February 2020. As part of the wider national lockdown, all care homes had to close their doors to external visitors as well as rapidly evolving their internal hygiene procedures to prevent the spread of the virus. Over a year later, as the vaccination programme continues to roll out at pace across the UK, and life begins to return to some form of normal, care homes across the country are opening their doors again to facilitate visits from family and friends - something which many of their residents have sorely missed - as well as welcoming new residents into their communities. But with the pandemic still a present challenge, how have care homes like Oakwood House in Norwich adapted to the ‘new normal’ and what procedures are in place to keep residents, staff and visitors safe?

Ongoing use of PPE

Along with increased cleaning and hygiene measures, the ongoing use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has become an essential part of life for care homes in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and one of the main ways that care homes have had to adapt. Full PPE - including gloves, visors, face masks and aprons - is provided for all care workers, and all visitors are required to wear a face mask and use a hand sanitiser before entering the home. The use of PPE is likely to be something that continues to be used for the foreseeable future, so the team at Oakwood House have ensured that they have a plentiful supply that is regularly replenished.

Swift vaccination uptake

Care home residents were one of the first groups to be offered the COVID-19 vaccine when the vaccination programme began in January ’21. Care homes acted swiftly to facilitate the uptake of the vaccine, meaning that the majority of care home residents had received both vaccinations by March, and are fully prepared for additional boosters planned for later in the year. Care home staff have also been offered the vaccine, adding an extra level of protection for residents and peace of mind for their families.

Keeping the lines of communication open

In line with the latest government guidance, care homes are now able to allow relatives to visit their loved ones via in-room visits with up to five named visitors being allowed per resident (no more than two at a time), as well as external visits with those same five visitors also being permitted. However, many care homes have introduced different ways that residents can keep in touch with their friends and family - either via offering different methods of visitation or other forms of communication. Oakwood House has established several COVID safe family meeting rooms as well as socially distanced outdoor meeting spaces, and digital communication methods - such as video calls - are also still very much on the agenda should physical visits not be possible.

Robust infection control measures

Infection control strategies have always been present in care homes, however, the outbreak of COVID-19 meant that hygiene and cleaning practices had to be intensified which required all care home staff to receive training to ensure they could carry out these stringent procedures. As part of current infection control measures, care homes regularly test all staff and residents for COVID-19 in line with the government guidelines and also ask that visitors take a lateral flow test prior to entering the home. The combination of regular testing, robust hygiene practices and the use of PPE - including screens where required - has allowed care homes to reintroduce services, which were previously prohibited during lockdown, such as hairdressers, chiropodists and external entertainers. Some homes - such as Oakwood House - continued to provide these services throughout the various lockdowns, but at the peak of the restrictions, they were conducted by staff.

New introductions

As part of their infection control measures, care homes have also had to adapt how they welcome new residents, with many homes implementing a form of quarantine to keep existing residents safe. At Oakwood House, new residents spend the first 10 days in a safe quarantine area within the home (receiving all the care they need from the friendly care staff) before being tested for COVID-19 and then moving into the main home.

Looking ahead to the ‘new normal’

As we’ve seen, care homes have had to implement many changes across their services in order to adapt to a post-COVID world. However, with lockdown restrictions set to lift further on 21st June, the outlook for care homes is looking bright. Although the wearing of facemasks and regular testing may continue to be part of life for the foreseeable future, the ‘new normal’ will bring lots of benefits for care home residents and their relatives. Family visits will become easier and more frequent, and residents can continue to enjoy their regular activities whilst catching up with their friends within the community (as well as staff), offering lots of opportunities for social interaction. Meaning that the care homes’ social and events calendar will once again be full to the brim of activities and celebrations to keep residents active, content and safe.


May 2021

Chinese Day - Saturday 22nd May, 2021

This week we celebrated Chinese Day as residents and staff dressed in red - the traditional lucky colour in China. Residents were busy creating fantastic Chinese-themed crafts, including lanterns and the flag of China with which we beautifully decorated our home.

For lunch, residents were treated to a tasty menu, including, lemon chicken for starters, the main meal consisted of beef and ginger stir fry noodles with vegetable spring rolls, followed by warm egg custard tart for dessert.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed listening to traditional Chinese music as residents were excited to receive their fortune cookies with many of them having an inspirational message. The day was described as “Being wonderful and fun” and Residents are already looking forward to the next World Day!


Caribbean Day – Tuesday 4th May, 2021

We took a trip to the Caribbean as our home was decorated with colourful bunting, flamingos and flags.

Dressed in bright, funky clothing, residents and staff danced along to reggae music whilst sipping on tasty tropical fruit drinks.

Our chef prepared a special Caribbean lunch, including barbeque jerk chicken and coconut pineapple cheesecake.

Residents are already looking forward to their next visit to the beach!

April 2021

Sunny Afternoons – 22nd April, 2021

As the weather is getting warmer we asked our residents if they would like to lend a helping hand to our gardener Dave by planting some brightly coloured flowers.

They found this very enjoyable and look forward to seeing what wildlife they may attract. Be sure to look out for their creations on your next visit.

Easter Celebrations – 6th April, 2021

We had an egg-xciting time this Easter as we got egg-xtremely creative by designing our very own bunnies made from balloons, with stick on eyes, napkins for the bunny ears and soft pom poms for the nose and tail.

A special Easter meal, along with hot cross buns was lovingly prepared by our Chef. Residents got into the Easter spirit as they wore their bunny hats, tucked into their chocolate eggs and decorated cards which they hung on their Easter tree.

We hope you had a hoppy little Easter too!

March 2021

Welcome to Oakwood House Helen! – Friday 19th March, 2021

We would like to announce that Helen Jackson was officially appointed as Home Manager of Oakwood House with effect from 13th March 2021, after having enjoyed several weeks of getting to know both the residents and staff at the home.

For those of you have not yet met Helen, she started her career as a nurse and joins us with a wealth of management experience in Nursing Homes in Norfolk. The Nursing Home Helen managed previously, was rated ‘Good’ by CQC 15 months after she started and resulted in Helen being awarded the Norfolk Care Award 2020 for ‘Motivational Leadership’.

We would like to congratulate Helen on this appointment and share our confidence that Helen will continue to take Oakwood House to the next level, whilst ensuring the best possible outcome for our residents.


5 Star rating! - Wednesday 17th March, 2021

We are delighted and proud to have been awarded another 5-star rating by Environmental Health.

Thank you to our catering team who work incredibly hard to ensure we maintain our high-quality standards of food hygiene.

Well done everyone! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

February 2021

Chocolate Trolley! - Saturday 27th February, 2021

This week we decided to have a chocolate themed trolley as Residents enjoyed a scrumptious variety of chocolate treats, including cupcakes, mousses and milkshakes!


Valentine’s Day - Tuesday 16th February, 2021

On Valentine’s day, our Residents were spoilt for choice with all the fancy cakes on our tea trolley.

Every Resident was given a red rose and chocolate which went down a treat and put a smile on their faces.

Later on in the day, Residents were offered a glass of sherry or port if they preferred, this proved popular with some Residents.