If you’re exploring the possibility of a care home, for either yourself or a loved one, you may be wondering just what it’s like. Perhaps you don’t know of anyone else who has received residential, nursing, or senior care and so you’d like to know more about what to expect.

One thing that is for sure is that at care homes, such as Oakwood House, have plenty for residents to do and provide entertainment.. As well as the chance to socialise with great friends, here’s a look at what else you can expect during a typical day in a care home.

Three freshly prepared meals

It is common for new residents to worry about what they might get to eat when in a care home. Residents are offered three delicious meals every day. Not only do they taste amazing, but they also contain everything that you need for a healthy, balanced diet. Plus, there are plenty of snacks on offer if residents are peckish in between meals

The mealtimes in a care home go far beyond just being a time to eat. They are an important part of the day when everyone comes together as a group. It really helps to build a sense of community as people get the chance to share how their day has been.

A range of activities to get involved with

You may be surprised to know that care homes provide a great programme of events and activities. While residents are able to take some time for themselves, carers will always encourage them to get involved with what’s on offer.

It could be a game of bingo, arts and crafts, taking in the wildlife in the landscaped gardens, or enjoying a pamper in the hair and nail salon. There is always plenty going on and there is certainly no danger of ever getting bored when you’re a resident at Oakwood House.

A chance to see family and friends

Some may have concerns that moving into a care home will make it difficult to see family and friends. The reality is that a typical day in a care home includes plenty of visits. Care homes such as Oakwood House don’t have set visiting hours, so your family and friends are always welcome.

Of course, you’ll have the chance to make plenty of new friends when you become a resident, but it is important to feel connected to the people that are special to you.

24/7 care

No matter what day of the week it is, or what time of day, you will always have access to the care that you need. As a nursing home, we have a registered nurse on site 24/7, along with an experienced care team who are there whenever you may need their assistance, or even if you just fancy a chat.

There is a special bond between residents and staff. This ensures that no one feels lonely or isolated as there is always somebody on hand to spend quality time with.