Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Oakwood House, you might find the answers right here…

Providing they are medically fit for discharge, transport and medication has been arranged this will usually be the following day. However, we do not accept admissions on a Friday or over the weekend.

If the resident is coming from the hospital they will arrange the transport, if the resident is coming from home the families then need to arrange transport themselves. In very exceptional circumstances the doctors will arrange transport.

This is dependent on the client group we have in at the time, it can vary.

There are no set visiting hours here at Oakwood House, visitors are welcome anytime.

Yes, as long as they are safe to do so.

Not being able to meet their needs or having a suitable room that meets their needs.

This is optional. As we are an all-inclusive care home, there is no need for any extra expenditure within the home itself.

Clothing and toiletries, but also any personal items to make them feel more at home for example: TV, radio, photos.