If you are caring for, or being looked after, by a loved one at home, then respite care can be a great way for you both to take some time out and recharge your batteries. Care homes, such as St Oakwood House, offer you the chance to get away, offering rest and reassurance for both parties.

Professional carers know that the idea of respite care can often bring concerns. From your side, you may not know what to expect, and you want to ensure that you or your loved one is safe and comfortable. We want to let you know just what respite care involves and hopefully bring some reassurance to you, and your family.

The very best in care

A big benefit of a respite stay in a care home is that you have access to everything that full-time residents do, just on a short-term basis. That means, regardless of the time, you can call on professional careers to assist you. Whether you need help with medication, daily meals or getting dressed, carers are there to give a helping hand.

Often, loved ones worry about the care that relatives may receive while taking a break. The reality is that you will always receive first-class care and attention.

Meet friends – old and new
Loneliness and isolation is always a concern when leaving a loved one. One of the best things about respite care is that it gives you the opportunity to socialise with both residents and staff in one of the multiple lounges. It could be that you are planning your first stay in a care home. If this is the case, you can be sure that you’ll make some great new friends, and future stays can give you the time for a catch-up with familiar faces.

The dining experience

During your respite stay, you’ll be able to enjoy the same nutritious, and tasty meals, that permanent residents do. The menus is changed daily and our chefs are willing to meet your personal diet. It’s great to know that you can eat well and neither you nor your loved one, need to cook or wash up.

You’ll also find that mealtimes will see you surrounded with great company as residents come and sit down together to enjoy what’s on offer.

A chance to get involved

Do you have a favourite hobby that you’ve recently neglected? Maybe you like the idea of taking up something new? In a care home, such as Oakwood House, there are plenty of opportunities to discover a hobby or two with other residents.
As well as one to one hobbies, there are many mutual activities available, such as games nights and crafting in the lounge. Or perhaps residents would prefer to relax in the landscaped gardens or enjoy a pamper in the hair and nail salon. In any situation, homes like Oakwood House strive to keep residents busy and entertained.

These activities will all help to keep you physically and mentally sharp. Another great reason to fully explore a respite stay.

No more chores!

Well, at least not for a while anyway! One of the best things about respite care is that it provides you, and your loved ones, with a real break. There’s no worrying about who’s going to cook or clean. You can relax knowing that everything is taken care of.