Oakwood House is very proud to introduce Shirley and Kelly as our Care mentors.
We introduced mentors in 2021 to offer support to new starters and to ensure that all staff had a consistent induction program which focused on high-quality, person-centred care.
The role was also aimed at improving staff retention within the challenging health care sector to develop a happy home.
Kelly and Shirley were chosen as Mentors due to their knowledge and skills as care assistants but also due to their approach which is of a supportive and calm nature.
Kelly told us she would like to be a mentor “to share and pass on my experience and knowledge of care. I really enjoy my role and it’s lovely to see new staff strive”.

Shirley told us she wanted to be a mentor because “when I started caring, many years a go having never done care before, I was told to get on with it and chucked in at the deep end. It was awful. I felt I wanted to give what I have learnt over the years and pass it on to offer the support I never had”.

The mentors have received very positive feedback from the individuals they have supported acknowledging the valuable impact of the mentor role.
“When I first started my job here at Oakwood House, I was nervous but both mentors made me feel so comfortable and never silly for asking any questions. I thank them both massively for their support”.
“Both mentors made starting at Oakwood House very comfortable and if I needed any support then they were there, and nothing was ever too much.”