Building relationships with our residents

There are many care homes out there that follow a very traditional path, but here at Oakwood House, we don’t like resting on our laurels. We always ask ourselves how we can improve our residents’ day-to-day lives and encourage our team members to think of new ways to progress. We believe it’s important to make sure our home keeps on getting better in every regard as it enables us to offer even better care.

Life at Oakwood House is about enjoying the same things in life that you always have, so here in our home, we focus on ensuring the people living here can continue enjoying the things in life they always have done. Whether it’s gardening, knitting, baking, dancing…you name it, we can make it happen. With a team of people who are passionate about what they do each day, life at Oakwood House is good. By aiming for excellence in every area, we strive to make living in a care home a fantastic life experience.

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The importance of happiness and wellbeing

No matter how young or elderly we are, the negative human responses associated with loneliness are the same – but as we get older, these responses are exaggerated. In fact, studies show that perceived loneliness contributes to cognitive decline and risk of dementia. Over half of people aged 75 or over in Britain live on their own, with five million people citing the television as their main source of company. By living here at Oakwood House, there’s no need to be lonely.

Our home is a friendly, social place and friendship and interaction are at the heart of all that we do – but if you like time by yourself every now and then, it’s very easy to find a quiet space for some peace and quiet. Whether you want to watch the birds in the garden or read a book, take your time and your social network of friends, care staff and entertainers is just around the corner.

The perks of being an Oakwood House resident

There’s so much going on here at Oakwood House, we’re sure you’ll settle in very quickly. We hold all sorts of regular events and activities that are popular with the people living here, their friends and family members, and we also have a range of health and beauty services available that can be arranged to suit your individual needs. Norwich isn’t far away at all, where you’ll find a variety of cafés and tearooms, pubs and restaurants and plenty of entertainment.