Arts and Crafts – Friday 21st February, 2020

Abby from Creative Mojo visited us on Friday 21st February, a good day was had by all. Some of our Residents got very creative as you can see, we are looking forward to her next visit in March.


Our Residents had a lovely surprise when they went for their lunch on Valentine’s Day! Wendy, our Activities Coordinator, had help from a Resident setting up all the tables with candles, hearts and balloons making it look very romantic. Our Chef, Nathan, cooked a lovely 3 course meal which Residents really enjoyed.
We have been busy doing some cake decorating, Residents really enjoyed this and they all looked too nice to eat.
On Monday some of our Residents got creative and made some valentine hearts to put on our little tree we even had a couple of Relatives join in with the fun which is always welcome.
Every Thursdays here at Oakwood House we do flower arranging in the morning, our Residents really look forward to this day especially as we have tea, cake and a sing along whilst doing it. Big thank you to our team member Jacqueline for always picking the flowers up for us even on her days off.