At Oakwood House, we understand the importance of the mealtime experience. These are times when our residents and staff come together and are part of one big community. While the social aspect can’t be overestimated, there is of course the other matter of the food itself.

We need to ensure that our residents are provided with meals that help to keep them healthy and well. These meals need to be able to meet all of their nutritional requirements, but we think that at the same time they need to be exceptionally tasty. That’s why we’ve put so much into developing our team.

Our head chef, Mica, is responsible for supporting our team of dedicated chefs and kitchen assistants. With 15 years of experience, ranging from local pubs to catering for large functions, Mica understands exactly how to deliver the very best in food to our residents.

Something that makes us different to other care homes is that we love to get our residents involved when it comes to meal planning. Mica arrived with a vision of getting everyone on board and we’re thrilled to say that she’s certainly delivered. This has led to our residents being involved with taster sessions and having a real input into what appears on the menu. After all, it is their menu.

We take nothing for granted when it comes to providing the very best in meals. We are constantly seeking feedback from our residents and we’re always happy to tweak or change when that’s something that’s wanted. As well as using feedback forms, Mica also gets out there and speaks to the people that matter – our residents. No new menu is introduced without our residents having the final say.

We’re proud of the experience that we provide when it comes to mealtimes and, if you take a look at some of the comments below, we think that you’ll see that our residents are more than just a little happy:

Following the review of our tea trolley to increase choices the residents have given the following feedback:

‘It is lovely to have such a choice of pastries, biscuits, cake, jelly, crisps or chocolate bars. What shall I have?’

‘Everything is cooked nicely, and I enjoy the cottage pie and I like the portion is not too big for me as I don’t like big dinners’

‘I enjoy the vegetarian options offered’

‘The fish and chips and Sunday roast are my favourite meals’

‘I enjoy the egg, bacon, tomatoes and fried bread for breakfast’

‘I enjoy my scrambled egg that I have for breakfast’

‘I enjoy food that is softer and enjoy the chicken casseroles and prawn salad’